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For as long as she can remember, Nathalie Vande Walle liked photography. However it wasn't until she started wandering cities and streets throughout the globe with her very own camera that she really got into it. Her most recent work reveals a unique outlook on the big Apple's reality; past the familiar background of skyscrapers, all american cars or the South Ferry's train station. Her vision captures glimpses of the New York's life, like that little shop, or old signs, some business owners, passers by, or little bits of rundown yet timeless buildings or structures, conveying a more intimateperception of NYC. While some of her Black&White images are definitely reflecting a feeling right out the 40's movies, others ones, sometimes bring to mind of Brassai or Doisneau in their way of depicting life in its most simple expressions.

Nathalie Vande Walle comes from Belgium, she has an artistic formation in the Visual Arts and has studied photography for 3 years.

She's a freelance photographer.

2006 Solo Exhibition-Brussels

2009 Nominate HSBC-Concours de Photographie

2009 Jonas Gallery Exhibition-Brussels

2009 Les Nuits Photographiques de Pierrevert First Edition-France

2009 Dong Gang Photography Museum- Festival of Photography-Korea

2009 Sugkok Seoul Art Museum-Korea

2011 Atomium Exhibition Brussels

2013 Tour & Taxis Exhibition Brussels